Spotify Free vs Premium: Should You Pay?

Spotify is easily one of the coolest apps out there and allows you to listen to the best, newest music from across the world. On this app, you can find everyone, ranging from the biggest artists to the best upcoming talent all in one place. However, Spotify also has a premium version, and you might be confused about whether or not you should invest. If you’re mulling it over, keep reading below for all the answers.with the free version spotify has its premium version also.

Better sound quality with premium

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or just want something nice to listen to on the go, sound quality is the bare minimum to ask for in any streaming service. Although both the free version of Spotify offers good sound quality too, the premium subscription takes things a step further. Spotify’s premium subscription allows you to get double the data points (320kbps) on mobile and desktop. This means you can listen to greater detail than ever before, and appreciate the music to the fullest. With sound quality being one of the biggest factors to consider in a streaming app, this is an easy decider for Spotify free vs premium.

Unlimited skips

One of the biggest reasons why you should invest in the premium version of Spotify is the unlimited skips. On the free version, you only have 6 skips per hour, which can make it challenging to listen to songs the way you want. Instead, you have to shuffle or go through most of your playlist before you make it to the songs you love. With premium, you can easily skip through all songs you don’t want to listen to. On the free app, you do have unlimited skips but only on the desktop app.

Connect to social media

One of the most interesting features of Spotify premium is that it allows you to connect to other social media apps. There’s no better way of bonding than over a shared love for similar music, and the only way you can do that is through social media. However, you can’t connect the free app to any of your other accounts. The premium app, conversely, is easy to connect to all your social media apps, be it Instagram or even bumble or tinder. This can make it super easy for you to show off your music taste and find like-minded individuals.

Offline listening

Whether you’re on the go or working with an iffy internet connection, offline listening can save you a lot of hassle. However, if you just have the free app, offline listening is only a distant dream. With the free spotify app, you need a constant internet connection to keep the tunes running. With the premium subscription, however, you can listen to music without needing the internet. You can download up to 10,000 songs and listen on the go. Additionally, you can do this on up to 5 devices.

Ad-free content

This is a feature which will strike a chord with everyone who has been halfway through a song only to be interrupted by an annoying ad. While it’s still easy to wait through ads on videos and other content, it can kill the whole vibe when you’re listening to music. However, when you subscribe to the paid subscription, you can say goodbye to ads forever. Spotify premium has no ads, whether you’re switching songs or midway through one.

Different price ranges

One of the reasons why people shy away from a full subscription is often the price. It can seem like an added luxury to spend on a premium subscription when you can technically use the app for free. However, Spotify premium won’t put a dent in your pocket. Instead, there are various plans you can opt for, based on your needs and budget. If you’re a student, you can opt for a discounted package which offers you the same features at half the price. Additionally, there are discounts available for families and couples, making it easy for everyone to afford the premium.


If you enjoy listening to music, then a Spotify premium subscription is something you should consider. Spotify is an excellent app which helps you stay updated with the music world, and the premium subscription is your best bet at making the most of it.