TikTok algorithm for views:How Tiktok recommends videos

Tiktok is an app which has revolutionized the social media world. It is an app which lets content creators across all genres reach a huge audience in no time. However, to attain Tiktok popularity, you need to figure out how the algorithm works. The Tiktok algorithm can make your videos pop up on people’s search feeds. If you’re interested in learning about how to use the TikTok algorithm for views, keep reading below. 

User activity 

User activity is one of the best ways Tiktok determines whether your video needs to be recommended to other viewers or not. User engagement can help the algorithm gauge how interested users are and what kind of audience prefers your videos. The algorithm measures user engagement by analyzing your views, likes, and comments. Moreover, it even delves deeper into video completions and shares. Thus, if you make shorter, catchier videos, you have a greater chance of boosting user activity and getting your videos recommended. 


Audio is a huge part of Tiktok – so much so that it’s become one of the top places for singers to promote new releases. Videos without catchy audios can seem dull and will fail to attract viewers the way videos with catchy music will. Moreover, it isn’t just viewers who are put off by the lack of audio but the algorithm as well. If you add trending tunes to your videos, the algorithm can promote them to audiences who have already shown interest in the trend. If music doesn’t go with the vibe of your Tiktok, you can always add other audios too. The point is to add trending background sounds which help your video get recommended. 


Adding hashtags is the only way you can make your videos more discoverable, and without hashtags, it can be challenging for the algorithm to recommend your videos. Hashtags help people navigate through popular Tiktok trends, and hopping on board these trends is a great way to show the algorithm the relevance of your content. There are a ton of hashtags you can use, and each hashtag can help you reach a different audience base. If you use the correct hashtags, you can reach a greater audience and have a greater chance of showing up on the ‘For You’ page. 


Over time, the Tiktok algorithm has evolved immensely and now prefers the top content. High-quality videos regularly make it to the top of the recommended page because they’re much more pleasing for viewers. These can include well-lit videos, high definition and clear audio. You don’t need professional video equipment to get the algorithm to recommend you, however. Filming your videos in a well-lit space with a nice background can work well. Moreover, adding clear audio and ensuring there are no disruptions can help your video get recommended easily. A 9:16 vertical format is also better optimized for most screens and can boost your engagement. 

Post at the right time

Just as with any other social media app, you need to be careful about when you upload new content. There are certain times during the day when your followers will be more active, and this can boost your initial engagement exponentially. Posting at the right time, such as during evenings, can help you give your videos lift and help the algorithm notice you. With consistent active engagement, the algorithm can detect your videos as consistently entertaining and will keep recommending them to followers. 

Engage with others 

Although it may seem counterproductive, engaging with other Tiktok users can help you boost engagement on your account and get greater recommendations. Engaging with other users can help you tap into their consumer base and get greater views on your account. Whether it’s through duets, stitch, or even comments, engagement can make your account seem much more interesting. Duets allow you to collaborate with other Tiktok users actively, whereas stitch helps you incorporate parts from another Tiktok into yours. All these fun features can help you get recommendations from the algorithm in no time. 


Figuring out the algorithm may seem complicated, but it is anything but that. These tips can help you boost engagement on your videos exponentially by using the algorithm to your favor. Through recommendations, you can show up on ‘For You’ pages globally and work your way towards Tiktok fame