7 ideas to make your videos Tiktok friendly

There are few apps as versatile as Tiktok. Whether your niche is fashion, lifestyle, health, law, or just about anything, you can find an audience for it on Tiktok. The short videos you find on Tiktok are super catchy, and a fun way of putting your message out there. However, making videos that go viral isn’t as simple as it seems. If you’re interested in learning how you can make your videos Tiktok friendly, keep reading belo:

Add the latest audio

It’s no secret that Tiktok has become one of the best ways of promoting songs, and is heavily used by singers and producers to put the latest music out there. you’ll find some of the hottest new hits being used in Tiktok videos first. Adding the most trending music to your videos is one of the best ways of making your videos more Tiktok friendly.

Collab is best

Collabs are of the best features on Tiktok, and allow you to work with other content creators to make a video sure to go viral. Tiktok is all about hype, and there can be nothing which creates more hype than two of the best content creators working together. While you can collaborate online through the app, in-person collaborations are even better.

Whether you do a series of these videos or just a few, collaborations are sure to increase your following. One of the biggest reasons why collaborations are so successful is because they allow you to tap into another blogger’s audience base.

Hop on board Tiktok trends

Tiktok has new trends that go viral each day, and many of these trends become famous enough to make it to other social media platforms. If you’re looking to make your videos Tiktok friendly, one of the best ways is to hop on board these trends. This can mean using a popular hashtag, audio, or dancing along and following the crowd. Tiktok trends are a great way to shoot your videos to instant fame.

Create tutorials

Tutorials are an excellent way to gain popularity on Tiktok. The short video format on the app makes it perfect for posting short but informational videos which your viewers can enjoy immensely. there’s no shortage of topics you can make tutorials for. Whether it’s cooking, dance, makeup, fashion, art, exercise or more, you can create a short, catchy tutorial to boost your views and followers. In 60 seconds or less, you can give your followers something extremely useful and informational.

Focus on video quality

Tiktok is renowned for being one of the only social media platforms which allow even small accounts to flourish. Your videos can easily show up on people’s explore pages if you put in the proper effort. While you don’t need any fancy equipment, making your videos look as good as possible can help you gain followers fast. Good lighting, a nice background and attractive clothes can make a world of a difference and can help you make your videos more Tiktok friendly.

Go fullscreen

Tiktok focuses on making the video experience as immersive as possible for viewers, and without a full-screen calibration that can be challenging to achieve. If you can’t provide videos with a 9:16 ratio, you have a lower chance of getting the impressions you want. Square or letterbox ratio videos won’t appeal to the viewers or the Tiktok algorithm as much. There are various tools you can use to format your existing videos and calibrate them to suit Tiktok’s preferences.

Create your filter

Tiktok is all about curating your brand image and putting your personality out there. The more easily identifiable you make your videos, the greater chance you have of reaching and retaining a larger audience. One of the best ways to make your videos more Tiktok friendly and easily recognizable is thus by creating your filter. Creating a filter is easier than you may imagine, and you can use AR filters and lenses for a customized look.


Creating new content for Tiktok can be very exciting once you get the hang of it, and these Tiktok video ideas can help you make Tiktok friendly videos easily. By following these tips, you can appeal to not only the Tiktok algorithm but can attract new followers too.