How to promote your music through Spotify?

Creativity comes in all forms, and music is easily one of the best ways to express yourself. Even within music, you can find a wide range of genres to experiment in and show the world what you’ve got. However, if you’re new to the music world you can find it hard to make your place. Before you find a record label willing to sign you, you need to know how to promote your music yourself. Spotify is easily the best app to promote your music, and if you’re interested in learning how you can self-promote and use Spotify for artists, keep reading below.

Have a verified profile on spotify ?

One of the best ways to ensure your music gets the recognition it deserves is simply by getting your profile verified. Once you have a verified profile, you set yourself up to be taken much more seriously by your audience. Without a fancy blue tick next to your name, your followers may not engage with your uploads the way they would if you had a verified profile. When you sign up to Spotify for artists, you can get your profile verified easily. This can help you show yourself as a genuine artist who takes the craft seriously and can put out some catchy beats.

Share music often on spotify

Spotify may not be your traditional social media profile, but that doesn’t mean you can let your profile stagnate. Of course, no one’s expecting you to put out a new hit track every weekend, but it’s important to keep adding new material and to keep working on new projects. If you post a single hit track and then vanish for the next few months, your followers are likely to lose interest. When you’re just starting, it’s even more important to retain your audience’s interest consistently. So, whether you’re posting remixes, covers or anything similar, just be sure to keep your profile active.

Submit your song to Spotify’s editorial team

Spotify has excellent features in place that, if used right, can help you market your music right alongside some of the top artists in the world. Spotify develops some expertly curated playlists which can help you promote your music to international audiences when you submit music to Spotify playlists. Your music can then show up in the ‘new releases’ section, or it may even make it to playlists curated by genres. If you want to give our music a good chance of being selected, be sure to submit it a week before release, and give Spotify all the necessary information. This can include your advertising budget, any other PR campaigns you’re running, and what you’ll do to boost follows.

Use marketing tools to promote your music…

Apart from featured playlists, Spotify has various other tools also which help you promote your music to the biggest audience. One of the best ways you can get more views on your profile is by using Spotify marketing tools. Spotify Marquee is one such tool which helps you get your music recommended in the new releases section. This way, your music can start attracting listeners as soon as you launch. Additionally, you can also use Spotify ad studio to create short audio or video ads to promote your music.

Promote on social media

Spotify music is super easy to link to any of the other apps you use and helps you reach out to a much wider audience. if you keep your music limited to Spotify alone, you can find it challenging to get as much traction. However, apple for artists makes it super easy to link your Spotify account to many other social media pages. You can share your music on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more to get the outreach you deserve.


Spotify is home to tons of super talented artists, and if you want to make sure you get your music out there, collaborating is an excellent option. Collabs are a great way to connect with other artists’ fans and can help you show yourself as a genuine, established artist too. Moreover, when you collaborate with an artist on Spotify, you can both get on Spotify playlists free. This can help you increase your outreach and promote your music even better.


Promoting your music on Spotify can seem daunting, but if you follow these tips you can have your music doing numbers in no time. These tips can help you increase your outreach and build a loyal fan base. With time, you can easily establish yourself as a music act to keep an eye on.