How to cancel Spotify premium?

If you’re into music, chances are you’d be obsessed with the most popular streaming app there is – Spotify. Spotify is your one-stop shop for all things music. You can listen to the biggest, most famous artists right alongside the best upcoming musical acts. However, as with all apps, Spotify comes in premium and free modes. If you’ve subscribed to the premium subscription but want to cancel it, you may be a little confused. However, there are several ways you can cancel your Spotify premium subscription. Keep reading below to learn How to Cancel Spotify Premium.

The short version

If you’re running Spotify on your Windows laptop, there’s an easy, short way to cancel your subscription. First, open Spotify on the browser, and head to the settings section after Spotify login. From there, select your profile, and click account. From there, you can scroll down to find a heading which says ‘available plans’. Clicking here will show you all your subscriptions. Once you scroll down, you can click ‘cancel subscription’ and approve the action to cancel your premium subscription. When you click to cancel the subscription, Spotify will ask you once more to reconsider your choice. If you plan on unsubscribing for good, however, you can click proceed.

What happens when you unsubscribe?

Although Spotify’s premium subscription is easily the most convenient way to use the app, it isn’t the only option. When you unsubscribe from the premium version, you’re demoted to the free, ad-based version of Spotify. With the free version, you have two slightly different experiences based on whether you’re listening on your phone or computer. On the computer, you’ll only have to sit through random, 15-second ads that play between songs. On your phone, however, you won’t be able to shuffle through your playlist either.

Why can’t I cancel my Spotify subscription?

If you’re having trouble finding where to cancel your Spotify, and are wondering how to cancel your Spotify premium trial, the issue may be the platform you’re using. Most of us would normally try to find the cancellation option on the app. However, if you want to unsubscribe from the premium model, you need to first log in to Spotify from the browser. You can access Spotify from any browser, be it on a tablet, computer or phone. Once you open Spotify from any browser, you can follow the steps outlined above to cancel your subscription.

Is Spotify premium hard to cancel?

Spotify premium can seem hard to cancel if you don’t know where to look. Although the app generally has a very user-friendly interface, finding out how you can unsubscribe may be a tad confusing. However, Spotify premium isn’t hard to cancel at all once you know where to look. Once you log in on any browser, you can easily you can unsubscribe and remove your payment information from the app too.

Will I immediately lose my premium features when I unsubscribe?

When you unsubscribe from your paid Spotify account, you won’t immediately lose all the features you received. If your billing date still has some time to go, you can retain the features until the date comes. This means that you can have ad-free services, shuffles, playlists and more until your payment date arrives. If you choose not to renew your subscription beyond that date, then you’ll lose your premium features.

Can I cancel Spotify after 3 months?

The most general subscription plan you’ll find is the Spotify 3-month plan. If this is the one you’ve subscribed to, you might be wary of unsubscribing before your three months are over. However, even if you unsubscribe early you won’t lose your premium features before your subscription date rolls around. However, if you experience any issues when you unsubscribe before your payment date comes by, you can always contact Spotify support and let them know.


If you’ve been wondering how to cancel your Spotify premium trial, this guide is the easy answer to all your problems. A Spotify free subscription can also let you listen to all your favorite songs without any issue, even though you won’t have the added benefits of the paid features. Whether you’re on a family or individual plan, this guide can help you unsubscribe from Spotify easily.