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Spotify Services Spotify Services
Spotify Services
You want to get more Spotify followers and plays for your tracks but you don't know where to start. Promoting yourself on social media is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of effort. It can be very hard to reach out to new listeners without the right tools, which is why we've created an easy way for you to add thousands of real Spotify followers in just minutes. The solution is simple! We provide high-quality services that will help you promote your music on Spotify so it reaches out to new listeners and fans from all around the world. We have never failed in delivering top-notch results with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!
SoundCloud Services SoundCloud Services
SoundCloud Services
Soundcloud is the world's leading music and audio streaming platform. If you are an artist, musician or DJ then it is important to grow on this platform as a musician and reach out to audiences around the world. But the problem is that if you're serious about growing on Soundcloud then you need an efficient marketing service that will boost your content and get more plays from real listeners. EQR tools have all these services in one place! You can buy SoundCloud followers or playlists or promote your music by buying likes & reposts from us at affordable rates. Our services are fast, cheap & 100% safe!
Instagram Services Instagram Services
Instagram Services
Getting the attention of people on Instagram is difficult. You need to be creative, funny, and engaging. It's hard to get your audience engaged with you if they don't know who you are or what your business does. That's why it’s so important to have a strong social media presence that will help increase traffic, generate leads, and boost sales for your business. Our proven strategies will give your account visibility on Instagram and increase your brand awareness among potential customers or clients! We offer high-quality services at affordable prices that can help you grow an organic following on Instagram in no time! It's easy, quick, and affordable! Just order now!
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Boost Your Social Media Presence By Buying Followers, Subscribes, Likes, Views, Shares, Comments, Repost & Ad’s Views

Nowadays, social media is the best way to connect with people and you can find almost every person there. According to a survey, every year billions of new users are becoming part of the social media army. Also, a single person spends 2-3 hours daily on 8 social media apps.

Billions of users make social media the best place for business establishment. But, there are millions of competitors which make it tough to get noticed by the right and target audience.

EQR tools are the right choice to buy premium social media services. Simply put, EQR tools have solutions to all your social media needs and problems in a single place. We offer a variety of services for all the popular social media platforms including Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube, and TikTok. Because of quality services we have thousands of regular customers throughout the world.  


FollowersInstagram is the best photo-sharing app with billions of users. Because of the high number of users people are using it for establishing their career and online business. But to grab the attention of the target audience and potential customers you need to be visible. Getting thousands of Instagram followers organically is a long process. To speed up the marketing process, EQR tools is here to assist you. We use our proven and effective strategies to boost your Instagram presence and increase your account reach. 

It is a fact that people prefer to engage with famous and high ticket accounts. For example, there is a high chance of getting new followers for a profile with huge likes and followers already. Buy Instagram likes, followers, video views and auto likes to kick start your influential career or business. Moreover, our quality service brings new followers and increases organic growth and also sales. 


Spotify is a free music app, where you can upload and share your own music track or listen to your favorite tracks, songs by your favorite singer. But If you want to become a star by starting a singing career on Spotify, to reach out to listeners to increase your fan base you need to promote yourself because of high competition, that is where social media marketing providers come to help. 

EQR tools is a quality guaranteed social media marketing company with years of experience. We can add thousands of real Spotify followers and increase the reach of your tracks through Spotify plays. However, to build your credibility on the platform, Spotify followers alone are not enough, you really need Spotify plays on your tracks to get a high engagement rate. We provide plays in a way that the Spotify algorithm discovers your track(s) and recommends them to target listeners which results in fast organic growth.


Soundcloud is a growing music streaming social media platform where anyone can share their music free of cost and you can find your favorite music from around the world. If you are a serious artist to grow on SoundCloud as a musician and reach out to audiences around the world then you need an efficient and fast marketing service to boost your content and a flow of new fans. 

EQR tools have all SoundCloud services in one place. We provide SoundCloud followers from active and real accounts to elevate your profile value and Soundcloud plays to reach new audiences. Moreover, SoundCloud comments and reposts convince new visitors to follow you. Buy our services to unlock your true potential and show your real talent to the world.


LikesYoutube is the most popular video-sharing app and it has millions of visitors daily who consume video content. Every minute content creators publish hundreds of new videos, this situation makes it tough to stand out and create a fan base. Therefore, the EQR tool is here to ease your problem by providing Youtube subscribers, views, comments, and shares. In addition, we offer Youtube Adviews for more natural growth. 

EQR tools are the best choice to avail of Youtube promotional services. We are a qualified social media marketing company and we cover every domain of Youtube marketing, depending on your channel’s requirements. We offer effective and nondrop service at an affordable price. 

Buy Youtube followers to accelerate organic growth and Youtube likes to increase the chance of getting viral and engagement rate. Our 100% safe and secure services assist you to get noticed by the audience with zero effort on your end.


TikTok is a short video-sharing app with 800 million users and daily new users are joining it. Also, a user spends an average of 52 minutes on TikTok, which means you have enough time to engage with your fans or customers. On TikTok, you can find every possible entertainment like music, creativity, art, acting, and dance videos. 

On TikTok, you have a huge audience to show your talent but to get enough reach you need a kick start to accelerate the whole process. The algorithm of TikTok works efficiently to highlight anyone through recommendation. The artificial intelligence of algorithm judges content on the basis of attention it grabs. Instant TikTok likes help your content get featured on the “For You” page and reach thousands of new people. 

Buy TikTok marketing services including TikTok followers to enhance your profile reputation, TikTok likes and comments to increase credibility and engagement of your content, and TikTok shares to reach a larger audience.


1. Guaranteed Service

As a quality service provider, we offer guaranteed and non-drop social marketing services. We maintain quality by providing services from active accounts and users that cast a long-lasting effect. Moreover, if you ever feel unsatisfied with our service, we promise a money-back guarantee.

2. Free Refill

Our services are non-drop and after purchase from EQR tools, the number of followers, fans, or subscribers only increases. But, if ever you find a drop in our service, we provide an instant free refill with no questions asked.

3. Customization

We have a variety of marketing packages and products for every social media platform but sometimes our customers want some specific quantity or a combination of different services, therefore, we offer customization of packages. Moreover, you can order a combination of different services in a single package.

4. Quality Likes and Followers

You can get thousands of followers and subscribers for your Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud profile. It will boost your growth. And if you’ve already posted a number of photos, then our IG likes service is for you. Moreover, the service of Instagram auto likes boosts the chances of getting viral. Simply put, EQR tools have quality likes, followers, and subscribers to elevate your social media presence.

5. Targeted Audience

To provide quality service, we use targeting techniques. Targeting can be done on the basis of a specific region or niche. Moreover, when people with similar interests follow or like your content, the algorithm of that social media app also recommends it to people who are most likely to show interest in your content and it accelerates organic growth. 

6. Secure Checkout

We ensure secure money transactions and prefer only widely used and trusted payment platforms. In addition, we keep your payment details confidential to ourselves keep you safe to avoid any future problems.

7. Fast Delivery

As soon as you place an order, we instantly start working on it. Our delivery timing is 1-3 days but it also depends on the size of your order. Small orders take less than a day while larger ones can exceed more than three days because we deliver the package in small chunks time after time.

8. 24/7 Customer Service

Our team of experts is here whenever you need our assistance, either in the order process or you want to ask anything about our services. Feel free to contact us anytime because we are 24/7 available to our worthy clients.

Our Process

EQR tools have a user-friendly interface and to place your order you have to go through a three-step simple process. 

1. Select a Package

Firstly, choose the right package according to the platform and service that suits your marketing goals. We offer a variety of packages and products to make a convenient purchase. Moreover, if you want a specific number of likes, followers, or views, you can place a customized order.  

2. Share Required Data

We only ask for public information (no passwords) like profile, video, stream, or post URL, account username, etc required to deliver chosen service.

3. Wait for Magic 

Lastly, after clearing the payment of ordered service and order placement, wait to experience our fastest quality service 

Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the fastest route to achieve your goals. Almost every celebrity, brand, and business is using this facility to magnify its social media presence. 

1. For Brands to Increase Sale

The first step of any business is to get recognized and social media marketing makes it simple and easy. Almost every brand uses social media platforms to come in front of people and draw buyers’ attention.

No doubt, to sell a product/service, quality matters, but what if people don’t even know about it. Therefore, to get significant sales you need to reach out to your potential customers. Many well-known brands use social media marketing to gain maximum attention and sales. 

2. For Online Stores & Small Businesses

Many people are using social media to start their small businesses. No doubt, it is the best mode to reach out to a large number of customers. To maximize business reputation and sales, you need to grab attention. For this purpose, social media marketing not only increases reach but also engages the audience. EQR tools has excellent social media services to ensure an instant boost to your business on social platforms. 

3. For Self Branding

Many influencers use social media marketing services to enhance their reputation to get more sponsors. On social media, your value depends on the number of followers and your engagement rate. Moreover, buying social media services increases your fanbase and enhances profile value.

Social media is growing every coming day and has become a vital part of every field whether it is an established brand or a new business. To stay ahead in this race, you really need back support of quality social media service providers. EQR tools is here to support you so you can stay ahead of your competitors. It is time to choose the most suitable service to boost your presence on social media and show your true talent to the world and win customers.